Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

angry vs happy

Assalamualaikum n hye peeps ! ^_^

bagaimana perasaan korang jika your roommate ketawakan bila your drinks tumpah kat lantai ..? 
then , boleh lagi dia call her friend to see how messy is my room with my drinks yang dah tertumpah kat lantai .. 
habis semuanya basah .. 
i just dont get it !! x_x

kadangkala i rasa sakit hati sangat-sangat .. 
macam orang tak berhati perut .. 
hati i berbisik " what kind of person she is ? " .. 
it's too hard to face a heartless girl ..
but i will try to never give up as long as i can ..

how about if i changed her face jadi Mr. Bean .. ?
i cant imagine how pretty she is .. haha 

 maybe it's kinda cute if her face like this ..  haha

this is how i made myself feel good and happy after i felt angry with somebody .. 
it is so easy , right ? ^___^

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