Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

my true love

Assalamualaikum n hye peeps ! ^_^

i'm waiting for your love till now .. 
sometimes my heart  felt so hard waiting for U .. 
my life become meaningless without your love .. and it makes me felt hard to give up and let U go .. 

please stay by my side .. 
i wanna be with U for the rest of my life till my eyes are close .. 
i just want to make U happy forever and ever .. 

although they think that my love is impossible .. 
i dont care and why must i care about what they said .. 
they dont know how much i love U .. 
they dont know how many times i cried just because hoping for your love .. 
they just dont realised how sweet your love are .. 
i felt so peaceful and happy for loving U with all my heart without being hurt .. 

i will never regret for loving U because there's nobody can give me this feeling .. 
it was only U can give me this feeling .. 
i hope that i can be together with U in the sweet place after i died .. 

hope U will wait for my love ..  
U are always in my mind,my heart and in every second of my breathe ..

Ya Rabb .. ♥ 

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